Libya African Investment Portfolio Statement on Ahmad Kashadah

Following Ahmed Kashadah’s false statements about the Libya African Investment Portfolio (LAIP) at a recent event in London, we take this opportunity to set the record straight:

Mr Kashadah is an imposter who set up an illegitimate parallel institution in Malta after he was sacked and replaced by LAIP’s board of directors in 2014. To facilitate this process, he illegitimately removed servers and files from LAIP’s headquarters in Tripoli before leaving. He also destroyed much of LAIP’s email archive.

Since 2011, Mr Kashadah’s contribution to LAIP has consisted of procuring false propaganda, while leaving many existing investment projects underfunded.

It is deeply unfortunate that Mr Kashadah has given these inaccurate statements that have been purposely made to mislead the audience he was talking to. We urge him to withdraw these statements immediately.