The Libyan Investment Authority in Figures

The Libyan Investment Authority (LIA) controls assets worth approximately US$67 billion.

These assets were last valued in December 2012. Since then, their value has, by some estimates, increased, and we are currently preparing an updated audit. Half of the assets are liquid, and invested in cash, fixed income and equities internationally, and as bank deposits. The other half consists of investments in over 550 companies.

Around 85% of the liquid assets are currently frozen by EU and UN sanctions. The LIA strongly supports the continuation of these sanctions until the Government of National Accord is in place, and a sufficient measure of political stability is achieved, to avoid potential misappropriation or misuse.

The LIA is ultimately accountable to the Libyan people, and our people are at the heart of what we do.

We have nearly 100 staff working at our long standing headquarters in Tripoli. In addition to this, our staff includes:

  • 285 at the Libyan Foreign Investment Company
  • 127 at the Libyan African Investment Portfoli
  • 27 at the Long Term Investment Portfolio
  • 41 at the Libyan Local Investment & Development Portfolio
  • 1,300 direct employees at Tamoil, the operating subsidiary of Oilinvest (which is owned by the LIA) has approximately. Oilinvest has 1,570 staff in total.