Our assets

Subject to legislative approvals and when the political environment allows, the LIA will organise its assets into three new permanent funds and certain historic assets into two non-permanent portfolios, each with a clear purpose.

Future Generations Fund (FGF) (subject to legislative approval)

Savings for the future, after the oil runs out
Investing internationally with a long-term view
Inflows a fixed percentage of oil revenues; outflows highly restricted

Libyan Local Investment & Development Fund

Domestic investment for socio-economic development
Stimulating private-sector projects in non-oil industries
Gateway for foreign expert partnership and investment

Budget Stabilisation Fund (BSF) (subject to legislative approval)

Protection against oil revenue volatility
Replenished when there is surplus, available to cushion shortfalls
Cash and fixed income fund with tranches of different liquidities

Holdings Portfolio

Private equity portfolio for current ‘performing’ direct investments
Assets sold over time or transferred to FGF private equity allocation

Legacy Portfolio

Temporary portfolio for all non-core or non-performing assets of LIA; focusing on run-down or sale as profitably as possible