Our Goal - Libyan Investment Authority

For the future of the coming generations we will excel in working towards achieving sustainable investment returns

The Libyan Investment Authority was established in accordance with specific purposes and objectives from which its approach to governance and strategy and investment approach stem.

Our Goals

  • Preserving the assets of the Libyan Investment Authority and maximizing its market value.
  • Investing in accordance with the best practices of global sovereign wealth funds wisely, sustainably, and balancing the achievement of returns and risks.
  • Diversification of investments in terms of markets and asset classes through the use of the best investment experts.
  • Invest in the leading and most transparent markets and make investment decisions based on expectations of investment returns.
  • Building trust, commitment to integrity, the highest degree of transparency, compliance with the Santiago Principles ®️, and a strong internal code of conduct.
  • Work as an integrated Authority through unified investment strategy and policies for the Authority and its subsidiaries.
  • Establishing a strong governance and control framework that enables senior management to impose supervision and control at the level of the Authority and its subsidiaries.
  • Improving the authority’s image in front of internal and external stakeholders.
  • Training and qualifying national cadres in the field of investment.
We take our responsibility towards all Libyans. Therefore, all our activities emanate from a clear cut mission,namely, to secure a thriving prosperous future for the coming generations for long years.
Our goal
Invest the Authority’s funds wisely, and preserve and develop the Fund’s assets for the benefit of current and future Libyan generations. We are keen to work with integrity and the highest level of transparency in order to become the most appreciated and trusted Libyan Authority by all.

The LIA’s strategy is based on three main axes:

  • Building confidence

    Building trust and obtaining the support of domestic and international communities through the promotion of governance and external communications.

  • Capacity building

    Preparing LIA to implement its strategy that will achieve sustainable investment returns by providing the necessary resources and the rehabilitation of infrastructure and training of human cadres capable of leading the Authority and achieving goals.

  • Investment development

    Restructuring LIA’s investments, the formulation of a unified investment policy, and moving to the smart sanctions system to achieve returns similar to peer sovereign wealth funds.

    The Libyan Investment Authority is dedicated to contributing to the rebuilding of Libya for the benefit of the Libyan people and future generations.

    The LIA practices and its investment activities are subject to continuous review to make sure that they are in line with the best practices of international sovereign wealth funds to manage its assets more effectively.

    Our Mission
    Our Mission is aimed at being an exemplary sovereign wealth fund on the levels of performance and integrity. Our priority currently is to move ahead in the implementation of the transformation strategy with the view to enhancing governance, transparency and accountability.