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Our Culture - Libyan Investment Authority

We dedicate our efforts to become a model sovereign wealth Fund on the levels of performance, influence and integrity

LIA is making efforts to ensure that best practices are followed in line with sovereign wealth funds and their commitment to implementing the Santiago Principles ®️.

Transparency, governance and accountability are fundamental pillars of the Libyan Investment Authority. The Authority seeks to be a pioneering model sovereign wealth fund in terms of performance, influence and integrity, while our primary goal is the effective management of the assets owned by the Libyan Investment Authority.

This means that we always strive to operate within the highest levels of professionalism and ethical standards, while each of our employees plays a role in concretizing these values and principles, reading LIA Code of Conduct.

We continue to develop and generalize a set of training policies and programs in various disciplines to enhance our capabilities and the internal controls that we follow.

We are also committed to providing continuous training and development opportunities for our cadres, to ensure that the Libyan Investment Authority keeps pace with international best practices, and ensure the efficiency of our skills and capacities.

We are always looking forward to improving the way we function by attracting the best national and international competent cadres in our fields of work.

Working with the Libyan Investment Authority

The success of the LIA is dependent on our people.

The Libyan Investment Authority considers investing in its human capital as one of its most important investments, and its cadres are the secret of our success. They participate from various administrative levels with guidance and joint work through encouragement, development and support in the Authority’s decision-making processes.


We are keen to invest in our employees, as well as constantly train and hone their skills to ensure they are equipped with the skills needed to succeed in their current and future roles.

LIA provides distinguished jobs that include high levels of responsibility and the opportunity to work in a dynamic and competitive global environment.

Our recruitment drive is continuous throughout the year, and we always look to connect with individuals who share the same principles and values. We look forward to all of our employees sharing our vision of becoming an exemplary sovereign wealth fund dedicated to securing the future of the Libyan people for many years to come.

For further information about employment opportunities with the Libyan Investment Authority, please contact us through: